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Job Number: TWIBELLDB022

Palletiser x7

Date posted: 26 Jun 2017

Preferred start date: 03 Jul 2017

Application closing date: 02 Jul 2017

Employment type: Full-time

Location: Bellville

Shift: Shift

Travel: no


  • Stacking and sorting of palletized and wrapped  finished goods according to product and production line
  • Good Housekeeping of palletizing area
  • Constant quality control and quality checks on palletized finished product
  • Constant quality products. Restacking and removing of product to production floor for reworking and informing operators of quality problems
  • Operating of fork truck for stacking pallets in the hand over cages and pallet wrapper
  • Wrapping of finished, palletized product goods per log sheet as per product code and production line
  • Accurate recording of finished palletized goods per log sheet as per product code and production line
  • Handing over of finished goods to the finished goods store and signing off goods in conjunction with the finished goods store clerk


  • To provide an efficient internal service to the business by optimizing sorting, stacking, quality controlling, recording and providing an efficient and accurate hand over of finished goods product from the Converting factory to the finished goods stores
  • Sorting and stacking of baled finished goods according to product and production line
  • Continuous quality control and quality checks on palletized finished goods product
  • Rejecting of bad quality products (ISO Standard). Restacking of bad quality product and transporting these pallets to the Converting production lines for rework.
  • Informing the Converting factory production team leaders and operators of quality problems on finished goods coming off the production line.
  • Operating the fork truck to transport palletised finished goods in the palletising area and into the handover cages
  • Operate the pallet shrink wrapping machine to wrap all finished goods neatly to secure it on the pallet before transporting it to the hand over cages
  • Accurate recording of finished palletised goods per log sheet as per product code and production line against shift and pallet nr to ensure accurate reconciling of the Converting production floor and accurate hand over of finished goods product to the finished goods store.
  • Accurate hand over of finished goods product to the finished goods store, through the hand over cages as per procedure in conjunction with the finished goods store clerk, ensuring an accurate transferral of good quality product ensuring no discrepancies or variances in stock transferred from the factory to the stores
  • Good housekeeping of the palletising area at all times, ensuring a neat and safe operating environment, reducing the possibility for injury and damage of equipment and finished goods
  • Maintain a safe and risk free area by inspecting fire equipment (area safety rep) daily, obtaining knowledge of all safety regulations in time of emergency and by reporting any incident observed that may cause injury or damage in the working environment.


  • To ensure all finished goods are sorted, stacked and booked per log book according to product code and production line to ensure accurate recording of all products produced in the converting factory as well as accurate hand over to the finished goods store.
  • Picking of packed finished goods product from the converting conveyor and sorting it as per item code for stacking on pallets
  • Stacking of finished goods, as per product code on required pallets at the required quantities as per pallet
  • Ensure neat, solid stacking of product according to the required configuration
  • Ensure accurate recording, of all stacked finished goods, per log book, as per product code and production line per pallet
  • Application of shift, date and pallet number sticker per production line on every pallet to ensure all pallets are recorded and fully traceable after wrapping and hand over to the finished goods store.


  • To ensure that only good quality product will be palletised, recorded, wrapped and handed over to the finished goods stores.
  • Ensure solid wrapping and closed seals of plastic bales/cases
  • Inspect for open cases (plastics not properly sealed)
  • Pick up cases with both hands, below the case (do not pick up on plastic covering) to ensure no damage and stretching of plastics
  • Inspect for “loose bales” (bag to big/product loose inside)
  • Inspect for “long and short” rolls in cases
  • Inspect for square cut edges on packed rolls
  • Inspect for colour variation of product
  • Inspect for printing defects on printed product
  • Inspect for dirty product in bales
  • Inspect for configuration of product in bales
  • Ensure that cases are stacked on pallets in the correct configuration
  • Ensure that pallets are wrapped neatly and securely onto the pallet
  • Rejecting of bad quality products (nonconforming products will be stacked on separate pallets per product and moved back into the production area to the applicable production line for rework)
  • Ensure that the line leaders are notified of any nonconforming product coming down the line into the palletising area so that production can act accordingly


  • To ensure that solid, safe stacks of palletised product will be transferred to the finished goods store
  • Pallets will be transferred to the pallet wrapping machine and placed on the turn table (with the use of the ride truck)
  • Ensure that cases are stacked neatly and square on the pallet before wrapping
  • Tie the end of the plastic on the roll on the lower end of the pallet to ensure that wrapping starts on the pallet, proceeding to the top end of the pallet to ensure that the product will be tightly wrapped but also secured onto the pallet for stacking and transporting purposes
  • Ensure the tracking shift sticker will be applied on the pallet before wrapping
  • Ensure that four layers of plastic will be wrapped at the bottom and top of the pallet and 2 layers on the mid-section, all consecutive layers overlapping with ±50mm
  • Ensure that, when the wrapping machine is down, product will be wrapped with hand wrap to conform to the same requirements


  • To ensure that all product from converting will be recorded accurately per product code and production line to ensure that no product will go missing in the process or any stock variances will occur between production and the finished goods stores
  • Ensure that all pallets are counted and recorded as per product code, against production line, shift and date
  • Ensure that the correct amount of cases will be recorded, against each pallet as per required pallet configuration for each applicable product, in the log book
  • Ensure that the corresponding shift, date and production line tracking sticker number for each pallet will be recorded against the corresponding pallet
  • Ensure that each cage will be recorded on a separate log book page to indicate a clear cut off point
  • Ensure that every pallet will be recorded before it physically goes into the cage to avoid confusion
  • Ensure that recorded quantities will correspond to the quantities in the hand over cage before hand over takes place


  • To ensure swift, safe operation of materials handling equipment in the palletizing area
  • Ensure safe and efficient operation of the forklift truck when transporting it into the handover cage
  • Ensure that all product in the cage will be recorded accurately and double checked against item number, shift, time, date and quantity before the handover takes place
  • Ensure that all items will be stacked in 4 rows of 5 pallets and double stacked to fit 40 pallets in every cage
  • Accurate recording and checking will ensure no stock variation between the converting factory and the finished goods store after handover.
  • Ensure that the required “cage handover procedures” will be executed at all times.


  • To ensure a safe environment to work in the most efficient manner.
  • Ensure a clean environment to ensure a safe and efficient operation
  • Ensure clean floors, free of plastics, dust, ancillaries and rejected products
  • Ensure swift removal of rejected product from the area to converting
  • Report any unsafe act or incidents to the HOD or Controller for investigations
  • Report all defects on the material handling equipment  & pallet wrapping machine
  • Ensure that all adhere to safe work procedures at all times
  • Ensure that firefighting equipment will be in good working condition at all times and all demarcated areas will be free of pallets, rubbish, product or ancillaries (palletising safety rep)
  • Ensure that all PPE will be in use at all times as required


  • Minimum N4/NQF 4 / Matric


  • 3 years working experience in a Manufacturing and Materials Management environment
  • Self confidence
  • Good Administration skills


  • Self-disciplined
  • Self-motivated
  • Physically fit and able to perform repetitive & strenuous tasks