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Job Number: KLIP 12/10/2017 (Snr Mech)

Senior Mechanical Technician


Date posted: 12 Oct 2017

Preferred start date: 01 Dec 2017

Application closing date: 27 Oct 2017

Employment type: Full-time

Location: Klipriver

Shift: Non-shift

Travel: occasionally

Main Responsibilities

  • Supports / covers the current Mechanical foreman role where necessary.
  • Prepare new schedules as well as check and update current schedules.
  • Support, impart knowledge and trains Artisans and Roll Maintenance Specialist.
  • Partake in on site Safety Program.
  • Ensure work being performed is compliant to standards, tolerances and fits in accordance to Engineering standards.
  • Ensures a professional level of plant inspections and housekeeping.
  • Check all spares entering Stores are to the correct specification and quality
  • Generates critical spares and stock applications.
  • Develop Work Instructions for routine maintenance work. Train & audit artisans in this regard.
  • Assist in RCFAs.
  • Ensure that work performed by external service providers are executed to the agreed standard.
  • Ensure that safety risks are identified and agreed corrective measures implemented.
  • Actively drive and support all Twinsaver strategic programs e.g. Safety, Health and Risk, Asset Management, Vision and Values, ISO 9001 & 14001 programs.  Directs the mechanical maintenance work force and provides on-site expertise
  • Captures all work undertaken in the EAM System
  • Participate in maintenance shutdowns
  • Generation of plant SOP’s
  • Ensures continuous plant optimizations
  • Oversee projects by coordinating with the Mechanical Engineer and external suppliers regarding project requirements and timelines
  • Oversee the installation of critical pieces of equipment

Formal Qualifications

  • N6 + maintenance experience
  • Recognized trade

Work Experience

  • Have a minimum of 10 years heavy engineering & maintenance experience, preferably in a tissue manufacturing environment with training & practical experience in the principals of preventive maintenance.
  • Have 5 years supervisory experience
  • Have knowledge of all the legal requirements of the OHS Act, BCEA, LRA and other legal requirements

Knowledge and Competencies

  • Extensive knowledge/experience (min 10 years) in the tissue industry
  • A self-motivated individual with analytical capabilities.
  • The ability to identify, visualize, articulate and deploy plant maintenance improvement solutions is a prerequisite
  • Computer literate (CMMS) and possess excellent communication skills and leadership qualities

Physical Requirements

  • Physically healthy


  • Be prepared to work outside normal working hours and do management weekend standby duties

Relation to Others


Mechanical Engineer and Foreman:

  • The incumbent will receive the majority of his workload from the Mechanical engineer. He will liaise with the Mechanical engineer and foreman on planning, optimization, and any constraints causing an inability to achieve desired results

Production team leader:

  • The incumbent will work closely with the production team leaders to allow the best combination of production and maintenance to occur

Risk control personnel:

  • The incumbent will liaise with the companies risk control personnel in achieving the required standards covering safety and housekeeping

Paper machine superintendent:

  • The incumbent will liaise with the paper machine superintendent with regards to the optimum running of the machine



  • Outside suppliers: The incumbent will liaise with contractors during maintenance shuts to ensure that their work is carried out safely and according to mill standard
  • Equipment vendors: The incumbent will liaise with equipment vendors when required