Everyday essentials

Trusted for generations, Twinsaver is the no. 1 toilet tissue brand in South Africa, offering a range of everyday essentials for you and your family. Available at all major retailers and wholesalers as well as pharmacy chains.

  • Twinsaver Toilet Paper Range

    Toilet Tissue

    Whether you choose Twinsaver 1 Ply or Luxury Twinsaver 2 Ply, our quality toilet paper is soft and strong for that comfortable clean. Our products are endorsed by the SABS and dermatologically tested.

    1 Plyyesyesyesyes
    Luxury Twin Plyyesyesyesyesyes
  • Twinsaver Facial Tissue Range

    Facial Tissues

    Our facial tissues are made with a blend of premium fibres, using processes that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. We offer the softest solutions for every occasion:

    • Twinsaver 2 Ply tissues – for everyday use
    • Twinsaver 3 Ply tissues – designed to provide extra care for sore, irritated noses
    • Twinsaver Pocket Packs – perfect for when you’re on the move
    • Twinsaver StylePacks – décor tube-shaped containers, fits most car cup holders and takes up less space on a desk or kitchen counter
    • Essential lotionised tissues with Vitamin E and camomile to soothe your nose


    Available60s80s90s120s140s180sPocket Packs
    2 Plyyesyesyesyes
    3 Plyyesyesyes
  • Twinsaver Paper Towels

    Roller Towels

    Twinsaver Roller Towels are strong, super thick, and absorbent for multiple uses. We’ve perfected the combination of strength and absorption that South Africans have come to rely on. Available in classic white and in a range of colourful prints.

    AvailableSheet Count
    2 Rolls52
    4 Rolls52
  • Twinsaver Disposable Product Range

    House & Leisure

    We have a great range of disposable products for entertaining, kids parties, picnicking, or just a family braai. Our products include serviettes,  insulated cups, and paper plates. We also offer a variety of products suitable for wrapping sandwiches, freezing foods and keeping food fresh in the fridge such as plastic bags and aluminium foil.

    Paper Platesyes
    Disposable cupsyes
    Multi-plastic bagsyes
    Wax wrap10 metres20 metres30 metres
  • Twinsaver Aluminium Foil Products

    Hulett Foil

    Hulett aluminium foil is a ‘must have’ in any kitchen. The dispenser and refill rolls available in both heavy and light variants are essential for roasting, baking and summer braais. It also can be used for wrapping up leftovers and packing lunches, making it one of our most versatile products.

    We also stock a range of Hulett aluminium foil food containers, from freezer packs and roasting pans to tart pans.

    Available5 m10 m30 mLargeSmallMixOther
    Heavy aluminium foilyesyes
    Heavy aluminium foil refillyes
    Light aluminium foilyesyes
    Light aluminium foil refillyes
    Freezer bagsyesyesyes
    Aluminium foil tart panyes
    Aluminium foil loaf panyes
    Aluminium foil roast panyes