Everyday essentials

Trusted for generations, Twinsaver is the no. 1 tissue brand in South Africa, offering a range of everyday essentials for you and your family. Available at all major retailers and wholesalers as well as pharmacy chains.

  • Twinsaver Toilet Paper Range

    Toilet Tissue

    Whether you choose Twinsaver 1 Ply or Luxury Twinsaver 2 Ply, our quality toilet paper is soft and strong for that comfortable clean.

    1 Plyyesyesyesyes
    2 Plyyesyesyesyes
    3 Plyyes
  • Twinsaver Facial Tissue Range

    Facial Tissues

    Our facial tissues are made with a blend of premium fibres, using processes that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. We offer the softest solutions for every occasion:

    • Twinsaver 2 Ply tissues – for everyday use
    • Twinsaver 3 Ply tissues – designed to provide extra care for sore, irritated noses
    • Twinsaver Pocket Packs – perfect for when you’re on the move
    • Twinsaver StylePacks – décor tube-shaped containers, fits most car cup holders and takes up less space on a desk or kitchen counter
    • Essential lotionised tissues with Vitamin E and camomile to soothe your nose


    Available36s60s80s90s120s180sPocket Packs
    2 Plyyesyesyes
    3 Plyyesyesyesyes
  • Twinsaver Paper Towels

    Roller Towels

    Twinsaver Roller Towels are strong, super thick, and absorbent for multiple uses. We’ve perfected the combination of strength and absorption that South Africans have come to rely on. Available in classic white and in a range of colourful prints.

    Available50 Sheets150 Sheets
    2 Rollsyesyes
    4 Rollsyes
  • Twinsaver Wipes Range


    Twinsaver’s trusted softness and protection is now available in Disinfecta and Refresha wipes. So, you can say Goodbye Dirt and Germs and Hello Hygiene. The wipes are Soft and Highly Absorbent, Hypo-allergenic & Dermatologically tested so it is safe for use by your family. The Refresha wipes contains soothing Aloe and Camomile while the Disinfecta wipes contain a mild formulation to protect against germs and bacteria. They are available in the below convenient pack sizes.

    Disinfecta yesyes
  • Twinsaver Disposable Product Range

    Home Care

    The Twinsaver Home Care range allows you to make the most of our fantastic South African lifestyle with quality disposable products for braais, picnics and parties.

    In addition, we have a range of everyday food preparation products and storage solutions to help you cook delicious meals, prepare gourmet lunch boxes and conveniently store any leftovers in the fridge or freezer. Our baking solutions help you produce the perfect results every time, whether you are making tarts, cupcakes, muffins or cookies.

    Choose Twinsaver Home Care and bring trusted quality into your home – for any occasion.

    Disposable dining

    Available in packs of 10’s, 20’s and 50’s


    Available in 10’s


    250ml bowls available in packs of 10’s


    Available in packs of 10’s

    • Forks
    • Dessert Spoons
    • Teaspoons
    • Knives

    Available in 50’s, 100’s and 200’s

    Food Prep and Storage

    Wax Wrap
    Available in 10m, 20m and 30m


    Food Wraps
    Available in 30m and 50m

    • Perforated Cling Wrap
    • Unperforated Cling Wrap
    • Available in 75m

    • Unperforated Cling Wrap


    Multi Purpose Plastic Bags
    Available in packs of 50’s (large & small)


    Foil Containers
    Available in packs of 2’s

    • Twinsaver by Hulett Large Freezer Dish
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Small Freezer Dish
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Large Tart Dish
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Roast Pan
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Loaf Pan
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Medium Freezer Dish
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Baked Pie Dish
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Casserole Dish

    Available in 5m

    • Non-Stick Foil
    • Ultra Tough Foil
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Easy Foil Box
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Heavy Foil Refill
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Light Foil Box
    • Twinsaver by Hulett Light Foil Refill


    Baking Paper
    Available in 5m


    Baking Cases
    Available in packs of 50’s and 60’s:

    • Small Cases
    • Medium Cases
    • Large Cases


  • Twinsaver Disposable Product Range

    Adult Care

    With a focus on quality and affordability, we offer a wide range of products for adult care. Optimally addressing different requirements, our broad choice of products offers comfortable fit and ease-of-use, along with outstanding protection and assured discretion.

  • Twinsaver Disposable Product Range

    Baby Care

    Specially designed to be kind to a baby’s delicate skin, our innovative, easy-to-use designs make caring for baby much easier for busy parents.